We are making the right tools! 

Main Features for UTV-2000C: 

  • Massive steel body: steady and durable. Eternal.
  • Powered by domestic electrical supply network (230V, 50Hz)
  • Engine power – 1.5 kW.
  • Stepless belt speed adjustment.
  • Belt travel reverse direction.
  • Horizontal and vertical operation
  • Simple and fast operating position preparation.
  • NEW! Autofixation horizontal - vertical
  • NEW! A convenient and secure casing, does not hinders the belt changes
  • Acceleration start-up time to process speed – 5 sec.
  • Rate and position setting BEFORE switching on (or after).
  • Belt width – 50 mm.
  • NEW! Belt length – 2000 mm (european metric standard).
  • Maximal belt speed – 29.8 m/sec.
  • Variable speed drive protection class – IP66.
  • Engine protection class – IP54.
  • NEW! Polyurethane coated contact aluminum wheels from 100 to 400 mm with large bearings.
  • Flat surface machining device (optional).
  • Radial (contour) machining device with roller diameters from 18 to 50 mm (optional).
  • Adjusting work rest.
  • Module assembly of the machine which makes it possible to extend operating capabilities as required.
  • Grinder’s working devices replacement without special tools.
  • NEW! Custom image on the cover - according to your wishes
  • NEW! Custom color for grinder
  • Desktop mounting.

 Belt grinder UTV-2000C "Typhoon"

      Just like the previous model, grinders models UTV-2000C  with a convenient and secure casing is perfect due to its simplicity, compactness, universalism, solidity and convenience. The grinder works in vertical and horizontal position. It has Cantoni 1,5Kw three-phase motor drive with IP55 enclosure and AC Variable Speed Drive OPTIDRIVE E2 IP66 enclosure.

       These machines is designed for small workshops and craftsmen, they do not always have three phases. The machine will be powered by 230-volt household socket. The following components’ protection helps the grinder to work ignoring dust and splatters. 

       The position of the reference table is adjusted in three axes.  Contact wheel diameters are from 100 to 400 mm, ability to work on flat surface, work with roller diameters from 18mm to 50mm.