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Belt grinder UTV-72X2


Have you ever dreamt of a better grinder?

     We have always dreamt to make one. The best one! To make the dream come true we founded “Czech Instruments” company in Prague in February, 2013. We have analyzed all information for several years on the Internet and from home-made grinders construction built for own purpose and friends. After long thinking, calculations and several beta-models we decided that our machine should:

  • Perform equal perfect operation in both axis – vertical and horizontal.
  • Fit any workshop (or garage).
  • Be reliable, durable and ergonomic.
  • Work on and on for many master's generations.
  • Provide for easy tool change and replacement – fast and easy.
  • Be easy to work with .


   Then we made lots of plastic and computer models. That resulted in drawings and a heap of steel. And finally – our dream is here! At first it was settled that the machine bears a simple abbreviation UTV-2x72 (Universal, Timofey and Vladislav, belt 2x72)  and we added the name of «Hurricane». Something devastating, powerful, rotating. :)

     The model is designed to work with 72-inch belt (1830 mm) and 2” width (50 mm) at the speed of up to 29 meters per second. All the controls are available and not cross-covered by the other elements to comfortably and safely operate them at any position of the machine. Machine’s position is easily operated to make it. Even under the working condition (we, however, do not recommend to do it until full stop of the machine). The machine is powered by household electric power line 230 Volts*.

     Our grinder is extremely reliable! Of course it may be damaged. With a combat tank. Or with a hydraulic press. Or with a mining truck. If you do not put it to the above-mentioned tests you grandchildren will be easily working on it.

We never stop!

       And we never stop at the achieved. We constantly work on it to improve its features and operation. Now available a new model of UTV-2000 grinder and UTV -2000C modification equipped with the protection sleeve. The machines will be able to operate 2-meter belts and contact wheels up to 400 mm. Besides, they now have a some additional and use-convenient options.

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Mounting and overall dimensions are now available on the download page. For grinders UTV-2000 and UTV-2000C.

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Work rests WRA-U and WRA-S now in stock! See catalog and E-shop.

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Hello, our dear friends!

Catalog of our products has been published. You can download it here.


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